About Me



My name is Marco. A marketeer by day β˜€οΈ, developer by night 🌚 and a photographer when I am not working or coding.

I develop web and mobile apps when I am not at work πŸ‘”, Β both for myself and for other people. If you came here for development news and other bits & bobs, you can check my projectsΒ here.

When I am not working, studying or coding, I will probably be out in the mountains β›° or in the woods 🌳 photographing and hiking. I love the countryside and nature in general, you can find more about that in my blog.

On top of that, I also enjoy reading πŸ“š, music 🎸, movies 🍿, motorbikes 🏍, traveling ✈️, family and friends, watching sunsets πŸŒ… and enjoying the little things in life. ✌🏻

Feel free to browse around, I hope you enjoy my site, you can find my CV below if you want to know more about me and my work experience.

Books I read

Hey there, amigos! I'm all ears and excited to take on speaking gigs, web design jobs, and Next.js projects. So, if you're up for creating something amazing together, hit me up! Let's make some sweet, sweet magic happen. Don't be shy, let's chat!